Crave Chips - Sassy Spuds


Fresh and natural, that’s what makes these potato chips so sassy. CRAVE’s Sassy Spuds Potato Chips are not only delicious, they are a healthy alternative for snacking. Each premium slice has zero trans fat and is gluten free without compromising the bold crunch. Lightly sprinkled with salt, this chip is ready for your favorite party dip.

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Crave Chips - Hickory BBQ


A bag of CRAVE’s Hickory BBQ Potato Chips is your perfect partner at the grill. Enjoy these tangy chips as a great complement to any burger or by themselves as a savory, gluten free (that means healthier-for-you!) snack. Each chip has a rich, sweet barbecue taste with hickory, garlic and onion flavors.

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Crave Chips - Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper


Rarely does one go without the other when it comes to this flavorful duo. CRAVE has married the perfect pair of fresh sea salt and zesty pepper with the powerful crunch of thick premium potato slices in their Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Potato Chips. It’s a winning combination you’re sure to love.

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Crave Chips - Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt


Send your taste buds on a ride across the Atlantic with CRAVE’s Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt Potato Chips. We have perfected this British pair with just the right combination of sweetness and tang that will have you craving more. With zero trans fat and no cholesterol, it’s ok to indulge a little.

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