Hand Picked Potatoes
  • Distinctly different potato chip
  • Each batch is kettle cooked
    nice and slow
  • We use premium
    U.S.A. grown potatoes

Live Healthy

CRAVE has answered the call of fellow snackers everywhere. Our premium U.S.A. grown potatoes are sliced to perfection and kettle cooked nice and slow in healthful sunflower and corn oils.

We at CRAVE believe that sensible snacks and great flavor can live cohesively in one bag. Our chips are made with your health in mind, using three simple steps:

Premium U.S.A. Potatoes

CRAVE potato chips start with the highest quality potatoes, naturally containing vitamin C and essential minerals, and grown right here in the U.S.A.

Heart-Healthy Cooking at the Kettle

Each potato is sliced to thick perfection and slow-cooked in individual batches using all natural sunflower oil, which contain polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats — the “good fats” that help promote heart health — and/or corn oil. Better yet, all CRAVE potato chips contain zero trans fat and zero cholesterol without sacrificing the powerful crunch. 

Looking to rid gluten from your diet? Well, look no further. Three of our four flavors are gluten free. Afterall, we believe that beggars CAN be choosers!


All of our chips are topped with all natural seasonings that are sure to meet your discriminating palette. Whether you’re craving something sweet, tangy, salty or simply fresh, our chips can be enjoyed any way you like. Just remember to indulge your cravings in moderation.