Basket of Potaotes
  • Big crunch and flavors that cannot be invented – only nurtured
  • Using ingredients only found in Mother Nature
  • An end product so unnatural – because it’s natural

Our Story

At CRAVE, we believe if mankind can split the atom and map the moon, then we can certainly enjoy a hearty potato chip – one exploding with flavor and packing big bite – without sending our health back to the Dark Ages. 

We knew we had our work cut out for us as we had a trail to blaze. But nothing could divert us from our quest. Afterall, this was the theory we craved to crunch.

We assembled the world’s top chipologists to give them one simple task: create the world’s healthiest, tastiest potato chip. They got right to it, and soon discovered the secret to the perfect chip lies not in man, but within Mother Nature. 

Big crunch and crispness can’t be invented. It can only be nurtured – from a piping-hot kettle of simmering sunflower and corn oils. Great taste and flavor doesn’t come from a test tube, but from a savory blend of all natural seasonings, sprinkled for just the right zest.

And thus, CRAVE was born – not in the laboratory, but in the kitchen – a fusion of flavor and hearty crunch so unnatural – because it’s natural. From our kettle to your lips. 

Do you CRAVE the crunch?